Wednesday 15 May 2013

Patience is a virtue

D-day (night actually) number one was so frustrating that I wanted to ditch half the Arsenal team by half time against Wigan!
I thought:
Sagna's leaving anyway, allegedly, so he might as well leave now.
Rosicky's a waste of space, as giving the ball away 3 times in the first 12 minutes when under no pressure at all proves.
Podolski's not a proper striker, Cazorla's not a left winger (and was too busy arguing to track back), Arteta's not getting any younger and Rambo plays in fits and starts!
These were all my thoughts as we huffed and puffed and even looked like losing against the FA Cup holders, Wigan.
Lessons have to be learned, I thought. I still think so. But credit where credit's due: this was a good result against a team unfortunate to be relegated.
Now we need to do the same against Newcastle, who will be desperate to show that they're serious about this game against us (in the wake of their manager's comments that suggested the opposite!).
We can't expect Sunderland to get a point at White Hart Lane, can we? So we need 3 points again on Saturday.
Not only that, we genuinely need to strengthen this team of ours. Finishing fourth may be just about good enough for this season, but next time we want a trophy too. It's been a long wait! Too long!

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