Monday 31 December 2012

Walcott defies Arsenal 'experts'

It's always great to see people eating humble pie . . . especially when the less-than-happy eater is someone other than myself! I've been going on since before Theo Walcott signed for Arsenal about how he's suited to be a striker. Even now, I suspect some disagree! Usually, some so-called 'expert' football fan trots out some nonsense about Theo's lack of hold-up play or about how teams won't play a high line against us so Theo won't be able to nip in behind. On the first point, they're right to some extent, as Theo will never have the presence of a Giroud exactly, although the longer he's played upfront the more he will contribute in that way. However, the theory about the high line doesn't wash, as it's not necessarily a bad thing if you have midfielders who utilise space well, like Wilshere and Cazorla to name but two. You give those guys space at your peril. Playing deep to nullify Theo's speed will allow our midfield more time on the ball. Our erstwhile winger should be running from a central position out to the wings, ironically, to create space for our incoming midfielders, if our opponents play deep. It will cause just as much havoc for opponents, as if they play a high line. Most defenders hate playing against pace and movement: Theo's recent goals are testament to that. Now all we have to do is get him to sign a new deal and keep playing him upfront!

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