Monday 31 December 2012

Arsenal should buy Michu, forget Shaw for now

Happy New Year! There's an interesting article in the Daily Mail today about Swansea's Michu and how so many teams missed out on him when he was available for 'peanuts' in the summer. I suspected that Arsenal would be on that list, but no! It was the team down the road that missed the boat twice: Spurs. That said, it would be great if we could lure Michu away now. It's not going to happen, as Swansea will want around ten times the £2.2m they paid for him. Yet, Michu is so versatile he'd be well worth £20m. When I saw him at the Emirates, I was really impressed with him. And that was before he scored both goals in the Swans' shock victory. So I say: 'Sign him up, pay the dosh, do it now!' That would excite me more than our pursuit of Southampton's Luke Shaw. It looks like we're going to buy potential rather than a finished product again, if this 'exclusive' is true.

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