Tuesday 22 May 2012

Cesc/Lorient/Hill-Wood/Ryo all on Arsenal's news radar

Taking a look at the news today, London 24 are running a story about Cesc Fabregas, who has a bit to say about Robin van Persie. It is not particularly interesting unless you read between the lines. I did and I have reached the following conclusions: 1) Cesc is an Arsenal fan, and 2) he think it may be a while before Robin lifts a trophy. However, we cannot complain because it is all said so diplomatically.

Meanhwhile, the Bleacher Report is saying that our relationship with Lorient is ideal. We’ll see when Joel Campbell gets back! Four goals in 25 games doesn’t sound that promising for a striker! Meanwhile, it’s true that Francis Coquelin seems to have benefited from the experience he got there, but the jury’s still out on Gilles Sunu.

The best story I’ve read in a while appears on Gooner Talk. Whatever your view on Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood, you have to read this. And try not sing Kanye West’s ‘Golddigger’  to the chairman next time you see him! If the article is completely true, it just verifies what I’ve thought for some time: the current board are more into feathering their nest than anything else. Until we get David Dein back the wait for trophies may well continue. I don’t want to say too much more in case I get bumped off! Yes, you could say it makes for grim reading!

That’s enough talk about the board for now. So what about the players.  Our players, I mean. For a change there is an excellent report of Ryo Miyaichi on The Marble Halls. It confirms what I’ve said before, Ryo has got a long way to go if he wants to make it at Arsenal.

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