Monday 21 May 2012

Benayoun won't come back to Arsenal, even on the cheap

Good news on the Yossi Benayoun front. Chelsea have told us he is available if we want to sign him. We can get him for £1 million, according to Setanta.

If we do indeed want to sign him, we will have to offer the 32-year-old a two-year deal. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to do so. 

The player has proved popular amongst the Arsenal fans, who appreciate the Israeli international's work rate. He certainly will be missed.

There will be no shortage of suitors when it comes to Yossi and I will be very surprised if we do manage to sign the player, even if we do have first refusal on him (which I find extremely unlikely as I can't work out why Chelsea would do us a favour if they can get a better deal elsewhere).

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