Friday 13 April 2012

The Arsenal FC departure lounge is busy

Well, according to Just Arsenal it's a proper exodus this summer, 'movement of the Gooners/Jah People' in Bob Marley-speak.

It's hard to argue with Just Arsenal's assessment of the situation: 8 must go! Or is it? For what it's worth, here's my take on it.

1) Sebastien Squillaci - I'd like him to go for one reason alone: I really struggle to spell his name. Is his first name with two 'e's or two 'a's? I'm sick of looking it up! And don't get me started on his surname. Not sure he'll be missed that much, but I've seen worse squad players than than SS, so I don't mind if he stays and sees out his contract, especially as I don't think he's got much re-sale value.

2) Lucasz Fabianski - I think the world knows how I feel about this bag of nerves. Obviously he's got talent and no doubt he shows it regularly on the training ground. But he hasn't done so for Arsenal when it really matters...on the pitch. He might thrive at a smaller club, but I'm not even too sure of that. He's a nice guy but always looks like he'll concede, flap, or make the grass beneath him turn a shade of brown. Let him go!

3) Manuel Almunia - How he ever became Arsenal's number one, most of us will never know, but let's not forget he had one good season. He'll leave on a free without a doubt.

4) Nicklas Bendtner - Okay, he's not as good as he thinks, but strikers need confidence and he has that in abundance. He also has some talent, so although he will leave this summer for a decent fee, I can see his sale haunting us in a few years' time.

5) Denilson - Although he's shown fleeting moments of something above mediocre-ness, it's never been enough for me. He cost a lot and we won't get much for him unfortunately. Won't be missed.

6) Andrey Arshavin - One of the most technically gifted players I've ever seen. A pocket genius, but it's all gone wrong for him at Arsenal. Played in the wrong position until he lost confidence and spoke out and got dropped and so on. Spiralled into decline so must go. I will miss him, but don't think Arsene Wenger or most of the fans will.

7) Marouane Chamakh - Started brightly and turned abysmal so quickly I'm still reeling. We have to let him go.

8) Carlos Vela - Mexicans haven't done well in the Premier League for some unknown reason. Vela had it all, but ended up much more of a disappointment than Peter Marinello, who was also hailed as a potential superstar back in the day. It's adios amigo!

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