Thursday 5 January 2012

Fulham fallout - profits before points again

We should really look no further than the club itself if we want to recruit a successor to David Dein. You know, somebody who could actually make deals happen. Not sure the club want that. Why? It might eat into their profits. Better to lose points than allow that to happen. But some bright spark at the club knows we need to reinforce and that same person posted pics of Henry up before a deal was done. Good on yer mate! You're in the wrong department though. You should be bringing players in for us instead of just posting pics and whatever else you do.

The relevant department would rather drag transfers out. Seems pointless given we'll only have Henry for a short time even if it does go through. Please number crunchers explain why it couldn't be done 1st Jan when the transfer window opened? Seems a pointless saving delaying transfers as we found out literally against Fulham, that's if Henry could have made a difference. But if not, why sign him?

Fulham were our banana skin waiting to happen and now it's happened. A defeat we could ill afford. A dot on the cards, of course, with a makeshift defence. We might get by with one player filling in, but two! Coquelin, at left back, failing to track back for Fulham's winner, like Rosicky, who should know better. Poor marking like that makes me feel there's a serious malaise at the club. I hope I'm wrong. Wenger seems in denial, blaming ref Lee Probert. I'm not so sure many refs would have awarded a penalty when Gervinho went down in the area under a clumsy Senderos challenge. And Djourou getting his marching orders for 2 yellow card offences. Well, some pundits say they saw it coming. The only thing Wenger could have done to pre-empt going down to 10 men would have been to replace Djourou with Miquel, but that would mean 50 per cent of the back four would be woefully short of experience so I can see why he persevered with Johan. But really, once again we're counting the cost of a lack of transfer activity.

We're in January and the only player joining us is Henry. I welcome his return though we shouldn't expect too much from the living legend. If only Wenger could bring back the solid full backs of yesteryear. Dixon and Winterburn should be wheeled out of retirement perhaps or if not that, at least bring in someone who really cares for the cause. Coq didn't show that enough yesterday but we'll put that down to experience.

Someone who does care is Frimpong and now he's at Wolves. Well he needs game time so I wish him well. I think Coq has the edge technically and is more versatile so it made sense to let ef go out on loan. Let's hope he returns as an even better player.

We can't expect the same of Henry so I hope the crowd and teammates don't heap too much pressure on his shoulders...although if anyone can handle it, it's Le God or should I say mon dieu. I was startled to read that Henry laid into Song verbally after a poor showing at Craven cottage back in the day. A lot of the fans did the same. I can't understand that although if someone continually screws up I do tend to stick the boot in! Ask Flapianski!

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