Friday 13 January 2012

Arsenal: Ask uncle T!

I'm really sick of Wenger whingeing. He moans about refs a little too much and now he's on about the fixture list. I wish he'd just get on with his job and sign some players to strengthen our push for a place in the top 4, as you might not believe it but the transfer window of opportunities is open!

Like our finishing of late, it's often a window of missed opportunities. We got so close to signing Chris Samba last January but it inexplicably fell through.

At least Thierry Henry did not slip through our net, which is just as well given his heroic cameo performance against Leeds. When our other stars were fluffing their lines, Henry kept his cool when all about were losing theirs and passed Song's through ball into the net. He made it look easy. A lesson for our strikers.

Henry may have lost his pace but he's perhaps more of a team player now. He was humble enough to call his man-of-the-match award a 'joke'. The guy is a living legend and we're lucky to have him back.

When he left to join Barcelona I thought it was the right time. His teammates seemed intimidated. He wasn't the encouraging 'uncle T' we see now. He was an ego that needed feeding good passes that we were less and less able to supply after the departures of Vieira and Petit amongst others. Henry felt understandably frustrated.

Now he's back and has added patience to his many attributes. I'm not sure how much difference he'll make in league games but I'm glad he's back. I just wish it were for longer.

If this is our only January signing then the club should hang their heads in shame. Hopefully we'll get a decent left back on loan and maybe another striker. If we're serious about doing well this season that's the minimum we need. Ask uncle T!

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