Tuesday 6 December 2011

Good news @ Arsenal

There was 'good' news ahead of the Olympiacos (or is it Olympia-Kos) dead rubber...not that it did us any good...mmm...3-1 defeat!

The 'good' news is Rosicky is going nowhere. Rosicky 'is' at Arsenal says boss Arsene Wenger. But will Rosicky be at Arsenal come January? I'd say maybe not!

Meanwhile, could transfer-listed ex-Gooner Nicolas Anelka be back? Wenger gave that notion a bum steer, saying Nic's heading abroad. Can't see it myself. Think Nic would rather be paid in pounds than euros so don't be surprised if he arrives as a stop-gap subtitute for Robin van Persie.

Finally, make sure you arrive early on Saturday for the club's 125th anniversary. As Steve Stammers (my favourite ex-Evening Standard journalist) writes: 'raise a glass of mineral water to David Danskin', who helped set up Arsenal FC on 1st December 1886 at the Royal Oak pub, Woolwich. Cheers David! It would be good to see your namesake David Dein back at the club one day!

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