Saturday 3 December 2011

Arsenal put on a 5-star show at home & away simultaneously!

Before today's mauling of Wigan, I wrote the following:

'Why won't we underestimate Wigan? 1) we're poor away, generally 2) especially in the North West, Blackburn & Old Trafford come to mind, 3) we need to get back on track after dropping points v Fulham, and 4) no worrying team news: no surprise to hear Diaby is out, Sagna and CJ being out is also no problem as JD and Kos are doing good jobs filling in there. The 'sick' in the middle of Rosicky's name says it all. Not needed.
We should be too strong for Wigan especially as the team will be keen to bounce back after the Man City cup exit. It will be tight though. A win by a single-goal margin.

'Andrey Arshavin will be languishing on the bench again. His punishment will go on. He questioned the policy of Our Glorious Leader and now must pay with splinters in his meerkat arse.'

So there I was expecting to be on the edge of my seat while could comfortably keep both cheeks on the bench all game. How wrong could I be?

Yes, there was some nerve-wracking moments early on, but once Arteta's speculative effort and Vermaelen's header found the net it was curtains for Wigan. The customary van Persie and a rare Gervinho goal (what a confidence booster!) were the icing on the cake...and it gets icy up there!

That's why I watched the 'live' beam back at the Emirates. What a great atmosphere it was, seeing all the action on the big screen at the best stadium in the world. I even got to meet Gunnersaurus! Mate, it doesn't get much better than that!

Sagna did a Q and A with the fans and it went down a treat. Yeah, he arrived late, but he made up for it by treating the fans with the respect they deserve. Well done Bacari.

A great deal all round. I just wish the club could do this more often and I heard a lot of fans saying the same thing. For once there was nothing to complain about...except I thought Arshavin deserved more than 10 minutes. However, you mustn't grumble when you're winning, must you?

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