Sunday 20 November 2011

Could Arsenal's Miyaichi be another SuperMac?

The news that Ryo Miyaichi is injured again comes as no surprise to me. My first observation of him made me worry about his ability to remain injury-free.

'He's a bit bow-legged' I commented at the time. 'That's going to put a lot of strain on his legs and I reckon he'll be in sick bay more than on the pitch'.

Of course, I desperately want to be wrong. Ryo has a super work ethic and magical ball control as well as blistering pace.

But now he won't be playing for 4-6 weeks due to his latest injury setback, an ankle problem.

Let's not forget our most potent weapon, Robin van Persie, is also slightly bow-legged. Hopefully, he's got over his injury problems of the past.

And the most bow-legged player I've ever seen, Malcolm 'SuperMac' MacDonald became a bit of a legend at Highbury, despite only playing 84 games for Arsenal. SuperMac's knee gave out after a couple of seasons and cut his stay at Arsenal short.

So keep your fingers and legs crossed that Ryo stays injury-free once he gets over this latest setback!

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