Monday 14 November 2011

Arsenal's chairman should step down

Once Peter Hill-Wood opens his mouth on any subject, I always expect it to go pear-shaped. He's been likened to Prince Philip but I think his pronouncements are more fitting for the Prince of Darkness. After all, wasn't he the guy who said Cesc Fabregas wouldn't get in the Barcelona team? Didnt he talk like Neville Chamberlain about some gentleman's agreement that would stop Cesc leaving? And as I predicted then, Hill-Wood ended up with paella on his face.

Now he's spouting off again, this time saying Robin van Persie is a 'decent fellow' and can't be unhappy at Arsenal, or words to that effect. Well, Peter, I hate to break the news to you, but a footballer's career is a short one and consequently they're either glory-hunters, or mercenary, or both. So if we don't win anything this season, RvP is likely to move on.

Hill-Wood's reassurances mean nothing positive to me. Quite the opposite. He's been wrong about everything and i really wish the club could control his silly outbursts. The guy's a liability, to be honest. Some people see him as a loveable uncle, but that doesnt make him fit to be involved in the running of a football club the size of Arsenal. Somebody should pension the chairman off without a pension and maybe then the club would be in better shape. Change starts from the top, doesn't it?

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