Monday 5 September 2011

A minor trophy this season is not out of the question for Arsenal

Infuriating Barca claim they only spent 29m euros on Cesc. That's £25.5m! There we were thinking the club raked in another £10m. Quite timely given some questions raised by fans who are demanding to know where the kitty of £30m plus £7m for Clichy, £3m for Eboue, £20m or so on Nasri and the ever-declining Cesc money has gone.

The Cesc debacle may make the club look stupid in not demanding the original 60m euros asking price or £52.5m, but players will join us knowing we will not keep them against their will a la Modric at Spurs. For short-term financial gain Tottenham's policy is evidently best but long-term only time will tell.

However, time isn't a commodity that Arsene Wenger has a lot of right now hence what some have dubbed as his uncharacteristic panic buys. The transfer business wasn't proactive it was reactive, yet I'd prefer that to no reaction at all.

I've got a feeling it's all going to come good for Arsenal this season despite what appears to be gross mismanagement from the top. Not saying we'll win the league, but a minor trophy is not out of the question now.

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