Wednesday 22 June 2011

Unseen costs spiral out of control while Arsenal pay `peanuts` on transfer front

What a busy summer we`re having on the transfer front!

Under Bruce Rioch we signed `pups` like Dennis Bergkamp (sorry about the sarcasm!). Now our ticket money is being invested in these four future prospects:

Héctor Bellerín - a speedy 16-year-old Spanish winger from Barcelona - cost = 400,000 pounds.

Jon Miguel Toral - a 16-year-old Spanish midfielder from Barca, 350,000 euros.

Serge Gnabry - a 15-year-old German midfielder from VFB Stuttgart, 100,000 euros.

Carl Jenkinson - a 19-year-old England-born Finnish defender from Charlton, one million pounds.

So, our total outlay is 1,400,000 pounds plus 450,000 euros.

Back in the bad old regimental days of Bruce Rioch, we were announcing signings of the calibre of Dennis Bergkamp. Now we can`t pay more than `peanuts`, according to Peter Odemwingie, who`s more likely to opt for another suitor.

Arsene, please get the chequebook out soon! We could do worse than sign Adel Taarabt from QPR. It always baffled me that Spurs got him first and then proceeded to ruin his career, before he moved down a division to get regular football. He`s not the most hardworking, but he`s got flair in abundance. Get him, Arsene!

If we`re going to lose Samir Nasri, if not this season then next, we need to plan ahead. Taarabt is not as versatile as Nasri, but he can offer the same kind of threat going forward.

He won`t be cheap though, so I suppose we can forget about it. Arsene Wenger won`t consider the cost of not winning anything and the cost of alienating our fans, as well as the cost in time of dithering on the transfer front. I reckon it`s better to just pay the money and get the players we want and need. All this quibbling makes us look cheap. If the tickets were just as cheap, I`d understand it, but they`re not.

Then there`s the cost of developing these uncut diamonds and throwing some out that don`t cut it. These unseen costs are spiralling out of control.

Everything is shrouded in secrecy nowadays. All of Arsenal`s transfer fees are 'undisclosed' officially. It`s as if the club are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

It`s about time we bought another `pup` like Bergkamp, even if we have to pay more than peanuts to get him!

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