Wednesday 22 June 2011

Surely Cesc thinks he`s worth more than £35.5m!

It`s hard to believe anything at this time of year. The Sun have trotted out a story on Cesc Fabregas, but I don`t blame them for it. Instead, it`s Barcelona's president Sandro Rosell who`s making audacious claims.

Sandro said: "Cesc is doing everything he can to come. Pep Guardiola knows the value of players and for Cesc it is less than £35.5m.

"Barcelona will offer less and if they don't accept he won't come."

How the hell do they expect us to let him go so cheaply? He has to be worth £80m all day long. We don`t normally sell our players for peanuts, we just expect to buy them for that! Unless, they`re crocked, and after Cesc`s injury-hit season, you have to wonder how many games he`ll play in the next campaign. If it`s a full season, I stick with my valuation, if not then Barca might not be taking the pee as much as we might think.


  1. His stats on passes and assists clearly display his top flight class....Barcelona are just playing games - trying to deflect the spotlight from their poor financial situation. They figure time is on their side and they want to endeavor to breakdown Cesc's relationship with the club. So far Cesc has exibited way more class than Barca DNA...perhaps he has mostly Arsenal DNA and all the crap DNA had gathered in his hamstring!

  2. I'd value Cesc at £80m, if fully fit. Maybe his dodgy hamstring has knocked £40m plus off his value. But whatever he goes for, he goes with my blessing. He's been a great servant.