Friday 3 June 2011

Arsenal's potential ECL opponents: chickening out of Kiev!

Although most fans are talking about which big-name players might be coming to their respective clubs, during the close season, Arsenal supporters are different. Partly that's because we expect Arsene Wenger to be reluctant to dip into the club's coffers and we expect to be distinctly underwhelmed by the names that come to the club. Usually, we say 'who?' when the club announce a new signing.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons many fans are more concerned about our potential opponents in the European Champions League qualifiers. The thought of going out so early in the competition is almost unthinkable, to the money men as well as the fans.

So who could we face? Well, scaremongers have suggested we could face Bayern Munich, Benfica, Lyon or Villarreal. This is not going to happen, as like ourselves, those teams will be seeded.

Yet, there are some big clubs that we could be pitted against. They include: Dynamo Kiev, Panathinaikos, Standard Liege, Twente and Udinese. Of those teams, Kiev would be the most feared opponents in my book. I mean, how many European opponents win in Kiev? I've not checked the statistical archives to back up my opinion on this, but I don't think of that part of the world as a happy hunting ground. Of course, we lost 2-1 to Shakhtar Donetsk in the Ukraine last season, so a trip to that country does not augur well at all. Plus the flight might leave our players knackered! So they're the team to avoid in the draw at all costs, in my book.

If you disagree or simply want to add your opinion, please do so below.

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