Monday 30 May 2011

Arsenal's revolving door is in full swing

Okay, maybe 'full swing' is a bit of an exaggeration. The transfer policy at the club reminds of when I used to hear old people break wind when I was a kid: 'Better out than in, they'd say.'

So far, we've got a kid from Charlton coming in and going out are a group of players, including Mark Randall. Much was expected of Randall. When I first saw him play in a high-profile pre-season game, I thought he did very well indeed. It was all downhill from there, unfortunately. He never hit those heights again . . . well, not in public view anyway.

Randall will probably get a League One club, that's my prediction, anyway. Surely, he's good enough to play at that level, but his critics would say that he didn't even cut it at League Two side Rotherham.

Another semi-big name to be released is Tom Cruise, who never really impressed when I saw him. Then again, he proved himself to be a solid defender, who makes few mistakes, so he will also probably find himself a League One club.

Roarie Deacon and George Brislen-Hall have also been released, so that makes four out and one in (if we can believe that Carl Jenkinson has signed a four-year deal at Arsenal).

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