Sunday 16 October 2022

Leeds 0-1 Arsenal (full-time)

What a result! The reverse of the 1972 FA Cup final, but this game bore no resemblance to that.

VAR came to the rescue for a change with the referee reversing his decision to send off Gabriel and award a penalty. It was ludicrous. Bamford, who was causing all sorts of problems, clearly barged Gabriel over, but for once sense prevailed.

Prior to that, Leeds had been awarded a penalty by VAR for Saliba's handball. On that occasion, it could be argued he was pushed into the flight of the ball somewhat, but it was hard to complain about the decision. What was impossible to imagine was Bamford rolling the ball just past the post! What a let off.

Before that Bamford had the ball in the net, but again, it was ruled out.

Arsenal deserved the result, for digging in.

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