Friday 26 August 2022

All or Nothing 8

This episode is the Holding show, which unfortunately culminates in his sending off against Spurs. Arsenal deserved at least a point from that game, but were robbed by the referee. 

'This game is history' said Arteta right afterwards. I'm not sure why the fans saw that game as a 'collapse'; I saw it as a travesty of justice, although I'm not defending Holding's second yellow. The ref's sharp eyes spotted that offence.

Of course, before that Holding scored at West Ham, so Arsenal fans shouldn't forget how crucial that goal was. 

It was a narrow win though, as was the 2-1 win at home versus Leeds that followed.

Anyway, after the Spurs debacle, it was Newcastle away. Arsenal needed to win to make sure Champions League qualification was still in their hands. 

You can't help feeling sorry for Ben White, who scored an own goal; he'd just come back from injury.

To be honest, I think there was too much negativity in the dressing room, especially at half-time. Xhaka was complaining a lot, telling the team to wake up, but it's not as easy as that.

The viewers could see the pain felt by the team, after that defeat.

They deserve credit for keeping going, as there was no way Spurs were going to drop points at Norwich.

'A season of progress' is what Ramsdale called it. Disappointing moments are opportunities to build character, and perhaps Arsenal's start to this season is evidence that some learning has taken place.

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