Saturday 30 July 2016

Ranieri Hints Riyad Mahrez Is Set To Leave Leicester To Arsenal Or Maybe Chelsea?

Leicester City manager has until today always sounded very confident that Riyad Mahrez will stay with the Foxes for at least one more year, despite reports of the Algerian having agreed personal terms with Arsenal.

But if quotes attributed to the Italian by Sky Sports (they surely won't make up the quotations) are anything to go by, then Ranieri isn't as confident anymore about keeping the North African at Leicester City as he was last week, which is good news for Arsenal fans.

“I think he is an intelligent man and he will stay,”

“He improves more if he stays with us for another year, maybe next year he can think about another solution. If he goes for a lot of money, everybody will be expecting something special. He can do something special, but with us.”

Ranieri is practically admitting that there is a real chance Mahrez will leave the Foxes, if a club puts in a big money bid for him. This will be music to Arsenal fans' ears. The sudden change in Ranieri's confidence level is, however, interesting.

What has changed in the last couple of days? Could it be Mahrez has made it clear he wants to leave for a bigger club? It could be the case, especially with reports claiming he has rejected Leicester City's offer of a new contract.

Mahrez signing for Arsenal will make a lot of sense and I sincerely believe there is a real chance of it happening. Mahrez isn't deluded; he knows Arsenal are bigger and better than Leicester City. Unlike the fans of the Foxes, who on the back of a one-a-million title win believe their club have all of a sudden become better than Arsenal, Mahrez must surely be tempted by a club the size of the Gunners.

Arsenal might have not won the title for a while but, realistically, they have a better chance of winning the title next season than Leicester City, despite the fact that the Foxes are the defending champions. It is a fact that even the staunchest Leicester City fans should agree with and a fact that Ranieri agrees with. Hence, he has confirmed he will be happy if his team finishes in the top 10 next season. Surely, a top-ten finish will not match Mahrez's more lofty ambitions.

Mahrez's signing, if it happens (or when it happens), will mean we will see less of Theo Walcott on the right wing next season. With Mahrez and a centre back, I personally will be happy, even if we don't sign a striker. Mahrez will score a lot of goals and, with Sanchez still very much on board, it will make up for the lack of a world class striker.

However, with Chelsea still reportedly interested in signing the Algerian, Arsenal need to move very quickly if they do not want to be beaten to the current PFA Player of the Year award winner's signature.

Knowing Wenger, if Chelsea's interest in Mahrez is real, the Blues are likely to win the race as they are never afraid to spend money to get what they need, unlike Wenger who is known to be a world-class ditherer.


  1. Another delusional Arsenal fan. It seems no matter what the manager or player says you will spin it as Mahrez is leaving. Fact is, no one wants to join you as you play boring tippy tappy football that doesn't win championships. You have to have a plan B and unless Wenger has a change of philosophy it doesn't matter how fantastic you are when you're at your best (and you can play some fantastic stuff) you won't be able to see it through over a season.

  2. You gooners are deluded do you really think we will sell him to you at a knock down price? You can't afford decent players end of vardy mares kante

  3. You make me laugh! Pretty desperate article, he stays with us!

  4. Lordy you guys really know how to clutch at straws. You have to be pretty desperate to analyse every sentence uttered and interpret what may or may not be meant. Hard enough when the speaker is fluent bur when its Claudio?? Get real!

  5. Wow! Until now I thought you were just a little bit uninformed, but now I understand that you're actually very stupid, and a little bit desperate. Your readership, all two of them, must be as thick as you if they think that you've published all of Ranieri's comments. Why not publish the whole thing, including the "I'm 100% confident that he will stay with us" but as well? Clown. Wannabe blogger, deluded Gooner mong.

  6. wow...just wow. Arsenal just cant make em up!

  7. oh dear the bigger and better arsenal are becoming very desperate trying to buy our talented footballers who have been scouted and coached by proper professionals..... it feels great to be leicester as we continue to make you look like the muggs you are

  8. Come on you muggy leicester fans, mahrez is to good to stay with you and ranieri's comments about how staying will improve him are the words of a desperate far as kante goes, we could have had him but we found a better player in granit and as for that little chav yobbo vardy you know he's gonna regret his decision for the rest of his life no more so than next season when you're fighting relegation and getting destroyed in europe...just remember the one side that properly turned you over last season COYGunners

  9. Lol the foxes think there barsa. U still foxes no more than a 1 lucky title winning team that's all u will be remembered for