Thursday 21 April 2016

Momentum is everything

With Leicester still managing to stay top of the table, five points clear of Spurs, after a dangerous flirtation with relegation and a winning streak that kept them up, it is easy to see the importance of momentum.

Arsenal gained some momentum last season by winning the FA Cup, but ultimately it has petered out. Silverware is out of the question, although mathematically possible if Spurs and Leicester slip up 'big time' and Arsenal hit the winning formula again.

Interestingly, if Arsenal win their game in hand tonight they'd only be 5 points behind Spurs. Logic says they have nearly as much chance of catching Spurs as Tottenham have of winning the league.

However, momentum speaks volumes. Nobody is tipping Arsenal to finish above Spurs this season and one more poor result will prove the doubters right.

PS Don't forget Brendan Rogers' Liverpool ended up as a flash in the pan. Will that happen to Leicester and/or Spurs?


  1. Leicester will struggle to maintain the pace with extra games and their undeniable luck with injuries has to stop some time. Plus Kante and poss mahrez will leave.

    Spurs will continue to strengthen and display signs of a team that will continue to play in the same vain and expect them to challenge again; albeit they will need to add to the squad which may destabilise that.

    Arsenal will slip into mediocrity as you buy another 'world class' player who plays well for the six months. You'll all be screaming that you'll win the league before March comes and you've inevitably been kicked out of all comps and miles behind the league leaders.

    1. I'm not so sure about any of those scenarios, except it's true that Arsenal have only been in the hunt for the title until March in recent seasons. That seems unlikely to change whilst a top 4 place is viewed as success.

  2. brendan rogers' flash in the pan was because of suarez. it seems unlikely leicester and more so spurs are losing anyone vital this summer.

    1. Likewise, Leicester's success is a lot down to Vardy, while Spurs are reliant on Kane. Who knows if huge bids will come in for the pair? If so, would it be so strange if the clubs sold their prized possessions? I wouldn't be that surprised, if the bids were from overseas. However, I haven't heard any believable transfer rumors just yet, so neither club has to worry just yet!

    2. What good team isn't somewhat reliant on a good striker?
      All I would say is Kane and Vardy, although brilliant in their own right, work with an understood team ethos/ethic/philosophy that could help a replacement striker of the same mound.
      I can't see either of those players leaving this summer. Especially Kane.
      Arsenal need to drop wenger to take a step forward but will need to accept they will drop back for a season or two while the replacement beds in.