Thursday 3 March 2016

Stagnation or stability?

Arsenal's 2-1 defeat at home to Swansea has led to more people questioning why Wenger is still at the helm. They may say this era has become a time of stagnation at the club. However, I've always been of the opinion that stability is important at a time when some chairmen change managers as often as underpants.

Then again, some say if you don't try to move forwards, you go backwards and one thing I don't understand is why there seem to be no plans in place to groom Wenger's successor. Even the 'great helmsman' can't last forever. Then again, perhaps the secretive club, who rarely disclose transfer fees, have made plans behind the scene to ensure a smooth transition post-Wenger.

Some will be hoping that era comes sooner rather than later after Wenger's decision to take off live wire goal scorer Joel Campbell against Swansea. At times like that, it seems like a strict pecking order is in place. Poor Campbell has waited a long time for his chance and then, when he rises to the occasion, he gets hauled off. Given that goals are hard to come by for Arsenal, it is difficult to comprehend why Campbell isn't getting more of a run in the team; he looks razor-sharp compared to his team-mates.

Meanwhile, Arsenal weren't lucky against Swansea and that's an understatement. The woodwork saved the Swans three times and their first goal was scored after an infringement on Ozil. BBC pundit Danny Murphy said it was a '50/50', but I'd say it was a foul. The second Swansea goal was offside. No one is disputing that.

The worrying thing for Arsenal fans is the performances: the Gunners simply don't look like title winners lately. However, who does? Perhaps Arsenal can still clinch the title in a season where it is inevitable that a mediocre team will win the Premier League. One thing's for sure, Arsenal need to go to White Hart Lane and win to stand any real chance of lifting the trophy.

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  1. Arsenal under Wenger will never another epl. This is not only my opinion but that of many fans.
    I sat thanks for the memory and hope the board get a new guy asap.Wenger has been given countless opportunities and failed.You don't find a manager at any top club with then years of underperformance.Nowadays a manager can be axed 2/3 years if he aint winning. I believe Wenger will have to go once the season ends.

  2. The only thing at Arsenal that is stable is that everything stagnates there eventually.
    The reason for this?
    A manager that has no pressure on him to succeed from a board who are just happy to see the money roll in and the bank balances get bigger and bigger.
    When you have this situation motivation or pressure is the last thing you will receive.
    Arsenal need massive changes if they want to be successful, but I am convinced they are happy with it to continue as it is..

  3. Wenger's predictable style is the cause. It is pass here and there and everywhere but no penetration. How to win when faced with 8/9 defnders. No Wenger will try to weave a way through.
    That's when he gets caught countless times. I say enough is enough.