Saturday 19 March 2016

Odds for Wenger resigning slashed

I was a bit surprised to read in the Metro that Arsene Wenger is odds on to resign from his job at the end of the season.

We all know that Wenger sticks to his principles and is never or rarely swayed by pressure. He's always said he would honour his contract and it does not expire until 2017.

As a good friend of mine always says: 'The only way Arsene will leave Arsenal is in a box'.

Personally, I think he will consider leaving in 2017, if no additional silverware is lifted by then.

Even if Spurs win the league this season, and don't choke on pizza as they did in a recent campaign when aiming for a top four slot, Wenger will point to a record which shows his Arsenal team has always finished above their nearest rivals. Wenger will use history to justify continuing in his current role.

The lack of viable alternatives to Wenger make finding a successor difficult. I've heard people suggest Klopp and Bilic in the past, but how can anyone be sure that these managers would have been better than Wenger?

When Bruce Rioch arrived at Arsenal, big things were predicted, but the reality was less impressive.

Changing manager is always a risk. Perhaps Arsenal would be better off persevering, at least until 2017. However, Wenger could help the club he purportedly loves by grooming a successor.

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  1. He has been given unlimited time compared to other top managers
    and has failed not once but repeatedly.Tactically he is one dimension and refuses to change.He wants to emulate Barca by getting smallish players who get bullied all or most of the time.
    In truth he has nothing left to offer. His salary is among the top 3 highest in epl and shd be able to attract top caliber guys.