Saturday 3 October 2015

Wenger on the brink?

How much should we read into Wenger's recent techy press conference? Not much, in my opinion. Arsenal are not at a crossroads. Wenger may have his doubters, but they are not in the majority, no matter what Sky Sports claim.

Don't get me wrong: I am not a Wenger apologist. However, getting rid of him is unlikely to be the answer to any on-the-pitch woes. As I keep saying, do we trust the board to pick the right successor? Personally, I would prefer Wenger to pick his successor to continue his legacy. Clearly he's not ready to give up the mantle yet, no matter how irritated he is with the questions fired his way after the embarrassing Olympiakos defeat.

To be honest, I can understand his irritation. I believe he is quite right to claim that Ospina is a world class keeper. Ospina did make a mistake, but so did Cech in the opening game. If one swallow does not make summer, then neither does one lemming make a suicide. Or something like that! In other words, avoid knee-jerk reactions.

Although I'm not a huge Wenger fan (mainly because he's not defensive enough for my liking), but I do like the stability he offers Arsenal. Wenger never panics; that is a quality that the fans should respect.

Meanwhile, I do think Wenger has been guilty of arrogance: he clearly thought beating Olympiakos would be a walk in the park. He said something similar (if you read between the lines) about Zagreb. That's not right, but it's not a sackable offence.

Talking of offences, Sky Sports have been discussing getting rid of Wenger. Panelist Charlie Nicholas was dead against it, but clearly he's upset at the way Arsenal performed.

Meanwhile, Paul Merson said that Martial will stand on Mertesacker and do him for pace tomorrow. Merson added that Arsenal will be vulnerable down the flanks. However, he ended by saying Arsenal will win against Man United! Cue uproar in the studio! It's hard not to like 'The Merse'!

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