Saturday 24 October 2015

Ollie-Ozil axis wins it for Arsenal

I'm not sure if Olivier Giroud was man-of-the-match for me today, as I thought Mesut Ozil was outstanding against Everton.

However, the pundits are praising Giroud and I'm pleased he's finally getting the credit he deserves.

Giroud is a proper old-fashioned centre forward; the goal he scored today could not have been scored by anyone else in this Arsenal team.

Like Giroud, Ozil was hungry to win. They weren't the only Arsenal players, who gave one hundred per cent effort, but Ozil has had so much stick for not putting it in that it was good to see him funneling back to help the defence. In short, Ozil seems to have more energy than before. If he keeps this level of performance going perhaps Arsenal will be real title contenders.

There aren't too many question marks, at the moment, except whatever happened to Per Mertesacker? I haven't seen any explanation as to why he wasn't on the bench or in the team. Gabriel did a good job against a good Everton side and, for once, Lukaku was kept relatively quiet and didn't score.

Personally, I would have played Theo Walcott for the last 20 minutes, as I thought Giroud was flagging slightly at the end. However, it would be harsh to criticize anyone at Arsenal, especially now they are top of the league.

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