Sunday 13 September 2015

Arsenal's chance conversion rate

I did have to laugh on Saturday when the two most maligned Gunners on the pitch (Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud) both scored!

Like I've said before, Theo needs at least 5 consecutive starts as a striker before we can say for sure how good he is in that position. I maintain that he'll cut it there. He's got pace and is an excellent finisher in the ground. He can make intelligent runs, but he's not always getting the ball. Additionally, Theo is still learning his trade as a centre forward.

As much as I agree with the legendary Ian Wright's analysis of what Walcott is doing right and wrong, I expect Theo will be making more and more of the 'right' runs and making more 'right/Wright' decisions once he's had an extended run playing up front. If Wrighty had had to play on the wing as long as Theo has had to, he'd take time to adjust too. Yes, even Wrighty (one of my favourite Arsenal players of all time).

Meanwhile, it is true that Arsenal are creating loads of chances but not converting. Arguably, the worst miss was Giroud's, after he came on as a sub for Theo.

Incidentally, if Wenger keeps subbing the lone frontman, it will look statistically worse for those two players who have to share a striker appearance: one gets 70 minutes and the other 20 to score.

However, I understand why Wenger is doing that. A lone frontman has to press four defenders and the goalkeeper. It's a lot of work, so it makes sense to share the burden.

So my message is: never mind the chance/conversion rate as long as Arsenal are still racking up the points.

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