Tuesday 25 August 2015

New blood required at Arsenal?

After watching Arsenal draw a blank at home yet again, it is no surprise to hear the crowd baying for new blood. 'Get your cheque book out, Wenger' is a common cry. Wenger's reply is usually along the lines of you can't buy the title, or the players we want are unavailable. You know the score.

Until the Liverpool game, I wasn't so sure Arsenal needed new players. After all, it nearly always takes time for them to bed in.

However, with Koscielny and Mertesacker out of action, Arsenal looked woeful at the back at times. Luckily, Cech produced a man of the match performance to keep Liverpool at bay, when it threatened to be a whitewash.

Chambers was particularly nervous in the first half, but improved in the second. Gary Neville reckons the young England defender needs games, which is why I think Arsenal may have to look for a new centre back. I would consider loaning out Chambers to get games elsewhere, in order to bring in a versatile experienced player who can play at centre back or as a holding midfielder.

Unfortunately, no one comes to mind. However, Arsenal do need someone who can step into Coquelin's shoes, should he get sidelined. Maybe Arteta or Flamini could do it in an emergency, but I'm not convinced that either can come back hitting the ground running. Both are favourites of mine, but age is a factor. How can either cover as much ground as Coquelin?

Meanwhile, upfront I'm convinced the goals will come wit the existing strike force. Providing Arsenal use the wide areas more effectively than they did against Liverpool, all will be well on that front. That will mean starting with a more natural wide man like the Ox or Theo. Once the crosses start raining in, we'll see the best of Giroud.

So my shopping list in short: a centre back and defensive midfielder, but preferably a two-in-one.

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  1. You goals will come but it is taking way too long long for a team which is supposed to challenge for the league. Where will they come from, Giroud needs a dozen chances for him to score, Theo Walcott cannot be relied upon to score regularly, Danny Welbeck is usually wasteful,Sanchez is being played despite being short on fitness meaning this will affect his overall performance throughout the season and Ozil is too weak and shy to take responsibility.

    What this team required is a major shakeup like selling Ozil and replace him with Reus, Danny Welbeck out and bring in Pedro when he was still available, Arteta, Flamini and Rosiscky should be let to go because they are past their prime, bring William Carvalho to replace them, loan out Chambers and bring in Ashley Williams for centre back cover. Finally should have shown ambition by offering concrete bids for players like Cavani, Benzema, Abemuang to give ourselves hope of signing one of them. Such changes would revitalise the team and raise the energy level that is desperately missing in our current team.
    Wenger has done a fantastic job until now but maybe it's time to pass on the button to a new person who will see things from a new perspective. I am not afraid of change because it is our best shot for us to see improvement after all he came in to replace somebody so he is dispensable too.