Friday 24 July 2015

Unlucky 13 Ryo hit by injury jinx again

Former Arsenal winger Ryo Miyaichi may rue the day he chose the 'unlucky' number 13 shirt at his new club St Pauli, after sustaining a knee ligament injury that will keep him out of action for the entire season.

Ryo's left knee was injured during a pre-season friendly against Rayo Vallecano. Having seen some of the still photographs from that game, it appears that Ryo was targeted for some rough-house treatment. In one shot, you can see an opponent stepping on Ryo's foot, putting pressure on the Japan international's right ankle.

While there is a lot of sympathy for Ryo's plight, reading through some of the comments on Japanese websites, it seems some people think Ryo Miyaichi is not a very good player. I can't understand this, as technically he is very strong. His ball control is excellent and he can pass, cross and shoot equally as well. However, I still think he needs to read the game better.

Nevertheless, apart from some persistent injury problems, which I hope Ryo can overcome, there is very little stopping Miyaichi from becoming a top player. He has blistering pace and a great attitude: you can be sure he'll be doing all he can during rehabilitation to make sure he returns to St Pauli's team better and stronger.

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