Saturday 30 May 2015

Arsenal: consistency, reinforcements and hunger

This was a day of records: Arsenal become the first side to win the FA Cup twelves times and Wenger equals a record of 6 FA Cup wins as a manager. It can't get better than this, can it?

Still, critics say we need a centre forward, a defender and a goalkeeper. Yet our secondary-choice keeper Szczesny kept a clean sheet and sub centre forward Giroud scored the fourth in the little time he had on the pitch.

Surely, if Arsenal can play this well they can win the league next season. Even without reinforcements. I certainly wouldn't bet against them. I said this squad would finish 3rd, but I didn't anticipate that Sanchez would adapt so quickly.

How Sanchez didn't get man-of-the-match is completely beyond me. What more can he do? He sets up Theo for the opener and scores a goal that will remain in the memory forever. As well as that, he drapes a Chilean flag over the area where Arsenal picked up the trophy near the royal box. What a performance!

Sanchez exemplified what Arsenal were about today: hunger. I've rarely seen them that hungry.

Whoever put the poster together that said: 'FA Cup winner' must have been less hungry for British English. That person must be as American as Lerner and Kroenke, the owners of the two clubs. If it's a tribute to those two, fair enough, but then I want consistency.

When the fireworks went off on the pitch, the banner suddenly said: 'FA Cup winners'. Make your mind(s) up!

Arsenal, of course, need consistency too. If we can play like we did against Villa more than most of the time, we might actually win the league...even without reinforcements.

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