Sunday 11 January 2015

Will deadballs count for Arsenal?

Allow me to talk 'deadballs' please as I've just read an interesting article in the Sunday Times, written or ghost written by Kevin Davies. In it, he says: 'I scored a couple at set-pieces against Arsenal. I always remember them having a zonal marking system and I loved playing against zonal systems because you'd get a run on the ball.'

Clearly, Wenger's Arsenal are not about to change their approach completely, but I still would advocate more time spent on the training ground working on deadball situations. Apparently, we would be comfortably in the top 4 if goals from deadballs didn't count!

Davies reveals that Big Sam Allardyce had 7 or 8 deadball analysts and a big screen in the dressing room reminding players of who they were supposed to pick up, where they were supposed to run and so on. I wonder if Arsenal players get the same kind of reminders.

Luckily, Mark Hughes's Stoke present less of an aerial threat than the Tony Pulis sides of yesteryear. We can only hope that for once, deadballs don't count and we get all 3 points.

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