Saturday 11 October 2014

Khedira won't be a new Vieira at Arsenal, sorry!

Arsenal's current crop keep getting 'Strictly Crocked Passing', so it's time to invite new recruits onto Shad Forsythe's stage. Some more are likely to waltz around before hobbling off to Forsythe's sickbay, like Mesut Ozil, unfortunately. But can we blame the Germany international for his waltzing skills when he's a foxtrot specialist?

So who's to say we won't try to convert Edinson Cavani into a goalkeeper? That's what Arsenal seem to specialise in: taking a specialist, who's worth a lot and turning him into a more generic player, who's nothing more than an 'also ran'. Except by the time they've lost their confidence, they're too demoralised to run, so they're just an 'also', if that. Ask Andrey Arshavin, if you don't believe me.

However, while I'm talking about impossible transfers like Cavani, I might as well talk about one that might happen: the arrival of Sami Khedira. Arsenal Robert legend, Robert Pires, is waxing lyrical about the prospect of the Germany international becoming the new Patrick Vieira, according to the Daily Star.

While, I would agree, it would be good to have somebody else other than Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini who is able to play as a defensive midfielder, I'm not sure Khedira is the answer. I question his work rate. Nevertheless, his skill is undoubted.

Then again, I do question Pires when he claims Arsenal's midfield is 'young'. Excuse me, since when did 32 (Arteta), 30 (Flamini), and 34 (Tomas Rosicky) count as 'young' in football?

If Pires can sell Khedira that well, then perhaps a career as football agent beckons for him...once he's finished tearing up the inaugural Indian Premier League.

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