Tuesday 7 October 2014

Arsenal's blancmange must harden

Arsenal's need of a new Patrick Vieira was brought on home to me all the more today, upon reading extracts of Roy Keane's new book.

It's riveting stuff and interesting that he referred to Arsenal as 'a big team'. Obviously, that's not the case now, apart from Mertesacker (who's a gentle giant anyway), we haven't got anyone who seems physically imposing.

Even my favourite midfielder at the time, Manu Petit, was no a player to be trifled with. Now we're more like blancmange in the middle: easy to slice through and prone to wobbling.

It pains me to say it, but I'm starting to think Flamini is not quite good enough in the holding role. At least, if he's by himself. Had Wenger 're-paired' him with Cesc (a partnership that took us to the top of the league), it could have been 'oh so different'.

Instead, we sit languishing in the middle of the table, looking upwards at certain teams we'd normally look down upon.

Anyway, we've had some tough fixtures, so we just have to be stoic and wait for the blancmange to harden. Or wait for reinforcements in January!

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