Friday 15 August 2014

Where will Arsenal finish this season?

The BBC reckon Arsenal will finish 5th this season! Phil McNulty say so.

Last season, I said we'd finish 3rd behind the champions Man City and Chelsea. Well, I was half-right about the top two and just a tad too optimistic about our chances.

This time I'm slightly more optimistic. I say we'll finish 2nd, our customary position after winning the Community Shield in all its different guises.

Here's my run-down:
1. Chelsea (the Fabregas factor)
2. Arsenal
3. Liverpool (the new Saints)
4. Man C (are they bothered?)
5. Man U (it takes time to turn things around)
6. Everton
7. Tottenham
8. Sunderland (watch out, they are on the 'up')
9. Stoke
10. Newcastle
11. QPR
12. Hull
13. Leicester
14. WBA
15. Crystal Palace
16. West Ham
17. Southampton
18. Swansea (The Fabianski factor)
19. Aston Villa (The Senderos factor)
20. Burnley

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