Friday 15 August 2014

Pulis's absence a plus for Arsenal?

I was shocked and stunned to see Crystal Palace have parted company with their saviour last season, Tony Pulis.

Bad news for them is good news for us, ahead of this season's opening fixture.

Pulis will be next to impossible to replace. It's a shame a top manager is not valued more, but it's indicative of the state of the game where we have businessmen who think they know better than football people.

That's why I'm predicting an Arsenal win, all the more so now Koscielny has recovered from his Achilles problem.

It's about time Arsenal won on the opening day, as it's been about 5 years now since we did (beating Everton 6-1 away in 2009).

It'll be a lot tighter than that, no doubt, but I'm still expecting an Arsenal victory.

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