Friday 8 August 2014

Khedira coup for Arsenal?

Some people say we were never interested in Sami Khedira. Well, that's what I thought until Wenger said: 'It depends what you mean by enquire', when asked if he'd enquired about the Germany international.

However, the latest quotation from the Arsenal boss has confused me even further. When asked about Khedira, Wenger said in a recent press conference: 'We were never close to signing him because we have quite a few offensive box-to-box players.'

That strikes me as pretty strange, given Khedira was supposed to be used primarily as a defensive midfielder, according to most reports. Perhaps Wenger is deliberately misleading the press ahead of a spectacular coup. Then again, he may just be keeping us all guessing, in this transfer-window-special game of charades.

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