Saturday 23 August 2014

Giroud will come good for Arsenal

Olivier Giroud has come in for some appalling flak after his Besiktas performance. That's not the best news ahead of a tough game at Everton.

It makes me laugh how some fans are pinning all our hopes on Alexis Sanchez, when he's not had any previous Premier League experience.

I really think Giroud is the better bet. However, he will take time to get back into his stride.

He's a big centre forward and it will take him much longer to get match-fit than it will for a spritely little forward like Sanchez.

Meanwhile, we have to be patient. Mark my words, Giroud will score 20 Premier League goals this season (unless he gets dropped or injured) and Sanchez will be lucky to score half that amount in his first season.

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