Sunday 10 August 2014

Brady's warnings to Arsenal youngsters

Former academy director Liam Brady has some great advice for aspiring footballers at Arsenal and elsewhere.

I've taken the liberty of paraphrasing some of Brady's precious nuggets in his recent Irish Examiner interview.

Brady's warnings:

1. Be careful of the media, especially social media
2. Look after your body: stay off the booze, cigarettes etc and give yourself time to rest.

Ingredients of an Arsenal player (you need at least 2/3 of the attributes below and the club will try to strengthen your perceived weaknesses):
1. Skill
2. Pace
3. Football intelligence
4. Winning mentality/determination/grit
5. Temperament - the ability to do as you're told
6. Reliability - make sure you don't skip training because you're not well
7. Punctuality - don't miss the team bus

Some of the above is contradicted by Wenger's comment to Brady that 'all the best players are troublesome', but then again, that doesn't mean they won't be shipped out if they are. By the same token, as I've mentioned before, how many 'bad boys' has Wenger signed? I'd say none. Once they start becoming 'troublesome', they're on their bikes shortly afterwards!

Interestingly, Brady is asked about Luke Freeman, Jermaine Pennant and Emmanuel Frimpong, but the only one he doesn't give any information about is the latter.

Perhaps the editor cut out the response. We'll probably never know so perhaps we shouldn't necessarily put too much significance on the lack of those comments.

Coincidentally, Frimpong's the only one of the three without a club right now, although it surely won't be long before someone comes in for the combative midfielder.

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