Wednesday 21 May 2014

QPR, Swansea, Newcastle, Cardiff, West Ham & Leicester chase Fab

Lukasz Fabianski is offski. No surprises there. The big surprise is the amount of top-flight clubs interested in keeping him in this country.

The 'Flappyhandski' moniker may have been largely shaken off, particularly with his penalty-shoot-out heroics in the FA Cup semi-final, but Saturday's performance doesn't fill me with confidence in his ability to play for one of England's top clubs. Personally, I preferred Vito Mannone, so I think Fabianski will have to settle for a club below Sunderland's level. In other words, a Championship side would be about right for Fabianski. Of the clubs reportedly interested, only Cardiff would be the right fit, unless QPR miss out on promotion.

Going back to Fabianski, he was so close to tossing the cup away with his reckless run out of the area to clear the ball in the dying seconds of the game; so much so, he wouldn't be on my wanted list. It makes me wonder how much genuine interest is out there. Perhaps it's just agent talk, as Fabianski looks for a new club.

As far as a replacement is concerned, I'd want a goalkeeper who only comes off his line when he's sure he'll get the ball. It's no excuse saying it was a rush of blood. It's happened too many times.

Arsenal have had a lot of keepers like that over recent years. It makes me wish we could find a pair of safe hands like David Seaman of yesteryear.

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