Sunday 11 May 2014

Loza & Ruddy could be good for Arsenal

What a relaxing afternoon for Arsenal fans in the sunshine to end the league season! Normally our fingernails are bitten to the quick, but this time we could watch our slightly makeshift team cruise home against Alan Partridge's finest.

Normally, when we play relegated or about-to-be-relegated sides, I watch the opposition closely wondering whom we might poach. However, given our transfer policy, I know it's only wishful thinking: why speculate to accumulate when you can mend and make do?

Anyway, I digress. Norwich sub Jamar Loza caught my eye. I certainly wouldn't mind us signing him, although we're extremely unlikely to now that he's no longer a teenager: we don't sign over 20-year-old players too often do we? Not unless they've got a bit of a track record, anyway. Well, Loza looks like he's got a decent future at the top level, judging by his 30 minutes or so against us. A bit of a handful, he was.

The game will probably not live long in the memory, although Rambo's volley will. Giroud set him up and Rambo did something right for maybe the first time in that match. Wow! What a screamer! That'll be good for his confidence, which hasn't been lacking of late due to the sensational season he's had. If Rambo hadn't got injured, he may have got the PFA Player Of The Year award. Well, only if Luis Suarez hadn't been even better! Just think, if we'd bought Suarez this summer, we'd probably be champions now!

Ho hum! Still, we have to be grateful. So many reasons to be cheerful, with Wilshere returning, Corporal Jenkinson scoring he's first goal for the club and Diaby...yes Diaby...making yet another comeback for injury. The fans gave Diaby magnificent support, but I'd offload him if I was boss. He's had a few good games for Arsenal, but not enough, in my opinion. He's been unfortunate with injuries though, so I hope now he's fit again he'll prove me wrong.

The only other thing to note was Fabianski playing his first league game of the season. Why? Does it mean Szczesny will play in the FA Cup final v Hull? Maybe.

Personally, I'd stick with Fabianski. He earned the right to play in the final, as he's been our cup keeper, so why change it now? I'm not Fabianski's biggest fan, but credit where credit's due: he's had a solid season. Ironically, he'll be offski after picking up a medal: hopefully a winner's one.

If we need a replacement for a departing Pole, we could do worse than raid Norwich for John Ruddy. Yet last time we went to East Anglia for an England keeper we ended up with Richard Wright. I don't know why that transfer didn't work out for Arsenal as Wright seemed to have everything you need to be a top keeper at a big club, but it may be once bitten forever shy for Wenger. Or at least another excuse to keep a tight grip on the purse strings.

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