Thursday 24 April 2014

Arsenal should avoid a Moyes scenario

Patience is a virtue, they say, whoever they are. This royal 'they' often get it right, as I don't believe there are many quick fixes in life. The same goes for football.

David Moyes's recent dismissal got me thinking: would we really like to see Wenger go the same way? Without dignity? Obviously, I couldn't imagine it after this debacle.

Man U made a mistake in appointing Moyes probably (and I thought so at the time), but maybe he deserved one more season before the axe dropped. It takes time for a new man at the helm to find his feet. Especially given he was following Sir Alex, who was always going to be an extremely tough act to follow; and that's putting it mildly.

The Moyes sacking has thrown up another scenario: how would it be if Wenger selected his successor, like Sir Alex did? Would the great man be tempted to select someone who would be bound to fail, just to preserve his ego?

I've known people like that. Some people secretly want the next person to fail, just to make themselves feel better about what they've achieved. I'm not saying Wenger or Sir Alex are like that, but I have observed some people (no matter what they have achieved) feel insecure about their legacy, popularity, or call it what you will.

This whole sorry Moyes episode has made me think again about Wenger moving upstairs. Maybe he should move out instead. But when he does go, he deserves to go with his head held high. That fate was denied Moyes unfortunately.

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