Sunday 16 March 2014

Arsenal show their true grit

It's never easy to play Spurs. I was going to write those words before the game, as I only expected a draw. Boyhood Gooner and now Spurs boss, Tim Sherwood, has gone off the rails lately, by criticising his team in public, but I still expected them to rally.

Sherwood was a great skipper and will probably be one of the best number twos in the game, but does he have what it takes to be a manager? I'm not going to answer that! But I think he's got more chance of being a top manager than certain trigger-happy chairmen have got of taking their team to the top.

Getting back to us: our win wasn't convincing. Only 41 pet cent possession. An amazing wonder strike winner from The Great Pretender! Nothing pretend about that! Really impressed with his all-round performance, though he did still manage to abdicate defensive responsibility at one point: so I might rename him Edward VIII.

'Average at best' said Paul Merson of our performance. 'True grit', I'd call it. Koscielny got man-of-the-match and Mertesacker got plaudits too for his contribution. Arsenal's defence was solid, so how can we be unhappy with that?

Merse says we miss Theo. I'd agree. But we only need to keep winning 1-0 and the title will be ours. Merse says we've got no chance of winning that. I'd rank us as outsiders. We'll finish top four, probably, but it's hard to predict a higher finish (although I said 3rd before the season began).

I still can't believe Rosicky's strike. I've criticised him a lot, but you won't see a better connection with the ball than that!

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