Thursday 27 March 2014

A question of motivation

Question: when a manager has not committed his future to a club, how can he expect his charges to give their all? The game against Swansea provided us with the answer. Although I'm not accusing anyone of not trying, Wenger's possible departure at the end of the season must have affected the players, who will wonder if it's worth going the extra mile.

They may also be thinking, is it worth risking life and limb with a cup semi at Wembley coming up? A lot of teams go off the boil before cup finals, but in Wenger's world 4th is 1st, so a semi must be a final, mustn't it?

With Sagna throwing the ball across field again (but getting away with it this time, just!), I wonder what lessons were learnt from Chelsea. None, I suspect.

There was one plus: Kallstrom. I liked what I saw. Let's hope he gets the chance to show us more of the same. We'll need something to make sure we finish 4th, as that's by no means guaranteed with Everton breathing down our necks.

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