Monday 17 February 2014

Flames - he's gonna run forever

I was so happy we beat Liverpool that I nearly broke into song (remember 'Fame' by Irene Cara, anyone?) about the difference Flamini makes to our team.
Wenger look at Flames
And tell us what you see
Do you see a long life battery
A battling dynamo who doesn't need much rest
He can go on and on
And close all danger men down
He'll make a difference again & again
Ooh he's got what it takes
Flames - he's gonna run forever
Passes accurately all the time
He's gonna inspire with his energy
Opponents will jump out the way
Flames -
Okay, it needs a bit of work, but then so does this Arsenal team!
Nevertheless, we've got to be impressed with a win against a tough Liverpool side. Any win would do and I already had a headline in mind when the Ox scored the opener: 'Oxy Score One', which sounds like 'oxymoron' of course. There was nothing bitter sweet about the win though.
I'm not saying we deserved. Fabianski, who otherwise played well, could have conceded a penalty when he inadvertently punched Agger in the head. The Ox was similarly guilty of an X-rated challenge in the box, which went unpunished presumably because of the theatricality of Suarez's dive. He'd not had to dive to win the only penalty of the game, thanks to Podolski's clumsy challenge, so quite why he had to go all acrobatic on the ref is anyone's guess. Howard Webb erred on the side of leniency generally, as another ref could have sent Gerrard and Sterling off. It would have been harsh and would have spoiled the game, so I'm glad he didn't.
Apart from getting through another tough tie to face almost as difficult opponents in Everton, another good thing to come out of this was Yaya Sanogo. I like the cut of Yaya's jib: he gives as good as he gets physically and I don't think it will be too long before he scores his first Arsenal goal. Perhaps that will help Wenger to win his first trophy in 9 years and answer Mourinho's jibes in the best way possible.
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