Sunday 5 January 2014

Rosicky proves me wrong

When I saw the team sheet v Spurs, I took a deep breath. How could this side beat a side that had just accomplished what Arsenal had recently failed to do: win at Old Trafford?
It looked like an accident waiting to happen with Fabianski in goal and a midfield lacking Flamini. As regular readers will know, I also have deep reservations about Rosicky and early on, I felt vindicated as the Czech proceeded to misplace a couple passes when it looked easier to find Walcott, sitting on the shoulder of the last man.
The old bag of nerves in goal, Fabianski, seemed to be joining in when he needlessly kicked the ball into touch. With Spurs in the ascendancy, it seemed like an embarrassment was on the cards. A self-inflicted one at that, given the manager's failure to take the FA Cup seriously.
But then Arsenal started threatening. Rosicky began to tick, doing what he does best: a short pass and move. He was even winning the ball in the air and tackling without conceding fouls. I had to commend his workrate too. Instead of going through the motions and only running when the focus was on him, he seemed to be prepared to run himself to the brink of exhaustion. That's the first time I've truly felt that, as I've always thought he left a lot in his tank.
He's always reminded me of a certain person in music TV, whom I used to work with. That person made it look like he/she was doing a lot of work, but in reality the reverse was true. That person played the game. The boss thought the world of that person, despite a patent lack of ability and work rate. At least in Rosicky's case, I've never questioned his general ability. I'm just not sure about his final ball.
Then again, who needs a final ball when you can finish like he did for goal number two? Cazorla had started the ball rolling, after being fwd by the excellent 'Gnu' Gnabry. I have to call him that to remind myself to sound the 'G' in his name! Then Rosicky got in on the act, robbing Rose before running from the centre circle with ball and deftly dinking the ball over the advancing Lloris. Impressed? Yes. Especially as Walker had made up an awful lot of ground and was breathing down his neck. Rosicky gets the plaudits for finishing like that for a rare goal. Well worth the wait, though. I'm so glad he proved me wrong and long may it continue if he keeps on playing like that!

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