Tuesday 26 November 2013

Still top of 2 leagues

'We are top of the league' shout the fans and you can't knock the Arsenal right now!
Even Rosicky is playing well. In bursts, at least. I've accused him of 'cheating' in the past, in as much as he sometimes stands still off the ball when we're defending, but he seems to get away with it. I haven't noticed him doing it for the last couple of games, so I'd better get off his case.
Aside from Rosicky's improvement, what else have I noticed since I last blogged? Well, Szczesy has been magnificent. What a save he produces tonight. Andy Townsend, summarising for ITV, shouted 'Get in'. Not that he hates Arsenal or anything! Allegedly!
Wilshere was the star, of course, with a brace. He wants 10 goals this season and now he's only 6 away from his target. He's getting back to his best.
Giroud's brace against Southampton along with another valiant performance tonight reminds us of his value to the team.
Everyone's on the up, except my main man Arteta, who came on as sub tonight and did okay. He wasn't himself against Southampton, and that would be worrying if we didn't have Flamini. Arteta's more of a stand-in for Flamini rather than the other way around, but I still maintain both can play in the same team. They did well enough together for a short period tonight, so why not?
Anyway, we need to avoid a heavy defeat in Naples to get through and 3 points at Cardiff would be lovely, albeit unlikely. However, I've learned never to write off this team.
It's built on industry, more than brilliance. We expect the magic to be conjured up by Ozil, the most expensive Arsenal maestro. He showed his worth with an excellent assist in the second half to help us forget his appalling penalty miss in the first period.
But this team is exemplified by mostly by Rambo: a non-stop dynamo who never stops running and has gone through the school of hard knocks twice over. I say twice because first he had to get over his injury, then he had to get over a lack of confidence (partly caused by boo boys). Anyway, he's back with a vengeance and let's hope he's helping us back into Premier League and Champions League history books come the end of the season.

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