Wednesday 14 August 2013

Suarez sour note, Captain Jack, no price to pay for Perez

Luis Suarez won't be joining Arsenal. That's for sure. The reason I say this is because I just had a flashback. Do you remember when Steven Gerrard was on the brink of joining Chelsea? Suddenly, the Liverpool skipper had a dramatic change of heart.

We'll never know exactly what happened then, but Liverpool are still considered by some as the biggest club in the world. Their fans are pretty special, judging by what I've heard from players who have played at Anfield. If Liverpool fans want you to stay, it must be hard to say 'no'. Therefore, it's no wonder that Suarez has changed his mind.

Meanwhile, Gerrard is talking about Jack Wilshere becoming the next England captain. Our midfielder seems a natural for the armband, so unlike some people, I'm not too perturbed by this 'news'. He'll need to grab the Arsenal captaincy first though, and I won't be surprised if that happens next year. However, Per Mertesacker must be a contender too, once Mikel Arteta (and perhaps even Thomas Vermaelen - remember him?) relinquishes the responsibility.

Finally, midfielder Sebastian Perez has failed to win a work permit, so won't be joining Arsenal. The Gunners boardroom must be rejoicing as they seem to be guarding the purse strings in the way that our defence should be guarding our goal.

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