Monday 1 April 2013

Lukaszade to the rescue

Could Lukasz Fabianski be the difference between finishing in the top four and not?
If he continues to play as he has in the last 3 games, then quite possibly. It's not as big an 'if' as usual as Fabianski seems to have beefed up mentally. Seeing Andy Murray lifting a trophy reminded me of the part sports psychology can play into turning failure into success. I suspect Fabianski has had similar help. And why not, if it works?
This brings us to the dilemma about Fabianski's future. He's out of contract this summer, isn't he? Would I give him a new contract?
Based on the last 3 games, no. But if he keeps clean sheets from now until the end of the season, I'd consider giving him a short contract. However, if he impresses from now until then there may no shortage of takers, which will put us in a poor negotiating position.
So Fabianski, like the rest of the team, may be playing for his future, but unlike the other current first-teamers, I feel it lies elsewhere. No matter how well he plays, I can't see him staying with us unless we offer him a 3-year deal and given his past history, do we want to take a chance on that? Even a 2-year deal sounds too long, but he may well pay for his keep for that long if he manages to get us in the top 4.

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