Wednesday 13 March 2013

Mission Difficult

It's going to be 'Mission Difficult' tonight, not 'Mission Impossible', according to Arsène Wenger.
I think it's 'Mission More Than Impossible' with our weakened team.
Most startling is the news that Jack Wilshere is out until the end of the month with an ankle injury. He may be back for the Reading game. Not before.
Szczesny is out also. He's been under enormous pressure, so Mannone will have the job of picking the ball out of the net. You never know, he might actually keep a clean sheet. I'm not writing off Vito yet. It could be "'V' for Victory" unless it's 'F' for 'Failure' and Fabianski gets a run-out!
Victory is hard to imagine without Cazorla. He's out too, I've heard, although I didn't see that on the official website. Another absentee will be 'the possibly perennially crocked' Podolski.
Still there's hope! The Meerkat has been found! 'Come in number 23, I need you for the 70th minute and to keep the bench warm with your meerkat fur.' I won't call him Arshavin, as that might remind Wenger not to pay him.
Wenger is more likely to turn to his 'Unholy Trinity': Rosicky, Diaby and Gervinho. That's 'triple jeopardy' to me, but we're virtually out of the competition so there's nothing to jeopardise. All 3 have had their moments, but they have been fleeting. I've lost the faith in them, but Wenger persists with footballing disappointments. While he does that, we'll keep having disappointing results.
Wenger usually sees the light eventually: hence the departure of Denilson. He had his moments too, but how many games did we carry him in?
So despite Galatasaray scoring 3 in Gemany last night and Barcelona overturning a 2-goal deficit, I can't see us emulating both of them. Not with this team, anyway.
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