Sunday 13 January 2013

Arsenal should speculate to accumulate, not asset-strip

Any business that asset-strips faces an uncertain future. I've seen it when I was working in a night club. A 'clever' new manager came in and decided to dispense with the band and one of the DJs. It went from a profitable club very quickly into one losing money. Arsenal are doing the same: selling players that can never be replaced. I almost laughed when I heard Cesc Fabregas might come back. Arsene Wenger is once again selling us a future. We suffer now for trophies to come. Except, they don't look like their on the horizon. Whoever minds the trophy cabinet should lock it and throw away the key. I mean, somebody might try to sell the historical artifacts in it to one of our rivals without an illustrious history! Seriously, nothing would surprise me anymore. We need a goalkeeper, a holding midfielder and, possibly, a striker. Although Wenger said it would be a quiet transfer window, our rivals have been strengthening their squads: Chelsea bringing in Demba Ba, Liverpool getting Sturridge and Spurs signing Lewis Holtby and Zeki Fryers. Holtby could be a good signing. Other talented individuals became available, but have now moved on. I wish we'd signed Mathieu Debuchy, but Newcastle have got him now. To sum up, year on year, it looks like more money will be spent by Premier League clubs this January. A few days ago, it had already passed the last January's half way mark. But I expect the club to do nothing, despite the news that Mikel Arteta faces a month out with a calf injury. Wenger sees Diaby as an adequate replacement, but I'm afraid I can't agree with that assessment. To me, Diaby is an injury-prone luxury, who's more of a liability than an asset. Hmm, I wonder if we could start liability-stripping for a change?

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