Wednesday 24 October 2012

Arsenal's frightening stat

Fewest number of shots of any side in the Champions League, so far! What a frightening stat for Arsenal. Serge Gnabry hits the target in injury time against Schalke. That's the best we can manage, but we've got 6 points. I still expect us to draw in Germany. We'll finish second and face potential dangers in the knock-out stages. All the pundits are destroying Santos. Was he really that bad? He lacks match fitness. The guy's not a stick insect and he needs games. He will improve. The pundits want to blame him for everything, but his positioning is not as bad as Nigel Winterburn would us believe. I know Nutty's a legendary left back, and he doesn't rate Santos defensively, but when he got asked to state exactly what Santos did wrong for the second goal, he struggled to say. So let's keep the faith in Santos and not read too much into this defeat. Like Steve Bould says, Schalke are 'a good side'. He says we look tired and 'jaded'. Well, we need to step up against QPR, that's for sure. The management also need to pick the right team. I'd make the following changes: Gnabry to start instead of Rambo and Giroud instead of Gervinho. That might do the trick!

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